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Im a sincere and warm soul, and not as innocent as I may first appear. I have always explored and lived in this world on my own terms, never following the "defined path" of life. After discovering the pleasures of sensuality and sexual freedom as a teenager, turning my hedonist side into my profession was a natural progression. And here I am, 5 years later; still present as Rose Harper, an expert at enticing and delighting at the tender age of 22 years old.

Pleasure is my day job, and I never tire of it. I adore the satisfaction I get from leaving someone shaking at the knees, and delight in disrupting their composure. Vulnerabilities are a beautiful thing, we all have them and to witness them is a privilege I take great pleasure and care in. 

My nature has a certain rawness, warmth, and honesty to it. The breeziness and airiness of my disposition will leave you feeling content in my arms and company; and comfortable enough to share your own story with me. I am someone who is not superficial, nor perfect. But who is authentic; untameable & cheeky. I am refined, but not so serious or pretentious that I can’t enjoy some banter and a laugh. Lets talk and fuck, cuddle, then do it all again!

I’m somewhat of a shapeshifter; I can be whatever you need me to be. I tend towards a sensual and intimate GFE, it’s what I’m best at and what I love doing. I love cuddling and fucking and talking the night away when we’ve exhausted ourselves into a sleepy mess. Then again, I can just as easily up the raunch factor and morph into your own provocative and unrestrained sex kitten. We can meet for a one-off night of passion, or perhaps youre after a more regular arrangement. Ill enjoy & appreciate you every second of our time together either way. 

I have what most would term (and fitting to my name) a classic ‘English rose’ appearance. My curves are encased in lily-white smooth, supple skin. My rosy cheeks will often flush during orgasm. I have piercing blue eyes that I love to hypnotize your gaze with. My makeup tends towards the lighter side, remaining natural and radiant. My blonde hair only just grazes my breasts. A scattering of small, well-designed tattoos, as well as my pierced nipples, remind you that I’m not as wholesome as you may have believed when I was clothed. I am a succulent size 10, with perfect handful sized B-cup breasts and a luscious round ass. 

I look forward to the meeting, and I appreciate your trust and respect in me and will give you mine in return. Vulnerability is a wonderful thing. Be honest with me, about your feelings, your nerves, your desires . . . its all about you when youre with me.

xx Rose

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