Foot Fetish the Newfound Fixation!

Foot Fetish

Fetish is a sexual desire attached to a specific object, body part, or some certain activity that arouses a person to the level where they can achieve their ultimate orgasmic pleasure. Fetish has a very big arena where every individual has their likings and fixations to feel their desired sexual pleasure. Foot fetish or the more formal term Podophilia is about a person who has a fixation with feet, legs, socks, stockings, and heels that can trigger sexual arousal in that person. A person with a certain fetish becomes sexually aroused by that specific body part to the limit where they require that routine to reach their orgasm. It is not just about getting physical satisfaction it is much more about getting mental satisfaction as it is ingrained in the psychology of that person.

Sometimes it becomes impossible for that person to enjoy sexual pleasure without incorporating that specific thing in their sex routine as it has become psychologically important for sexual gratification. Most fetishes are imbibed when a person is in their childhood as that time of our life has a very big impact on our psychology. In the start, people try those blur thoughts as a fantasy and eventually it lead to something that they just need to feel their so-called pleasure.

Is having a fetish bad?

Anything that is done in moderation is fine and this is also the same with fetishes, always remember that whatever your fetish is, it has to be achieved within the respectful boundaries of consent and safety. No fetish is that important that it can harm you or the other person involved. However, Foot fetish is a very mild and safe fetish that anyone can enjoy with proper hygiene and cleanliness. As the whole fetish is around feet then the first thing has to be keeping a check on the cleanness and other bacterial infections as our feet are mostly covered and are vulnerable to bacterial diseases.

Why do people have a foot fetish?

Just like any other body part that usually arouses people's feet are also responsible for giving sexual arousals. we all know feet are covered with endless nerve endings and that can give a person sensations if rubbed, ticked, or massaged. This can be intensely satisfying for both the receiver and the giver. As sexual arousal is not just about enjoying your erogenous parts it is also about giving the pleasure back as with cunnilingus or any other oral sex act. This fetish also gives a sense of domination to the receiver and submission for the giver. It is part of the power play as if your partner has a foot fetish they would love to treat you like their slave and a footrest while forcing you to worship their feet. It is a part of a domination act.

On the other hand, if you have a foot fetish and you love kneeling and act as a slave who can lick, rub, massage feet by forcing yourself into a position of submission to achieve the much required sexual pleasure.


There is no such conclusive study that can establish why people have a foot fetish but yes a lot of attempts have been made to find out. Still, there are no examples where people are harmed or become too much affixed. So, if you are also a part of the clan then feel free to enjoy but with all the precautionary measures and considerations like consent, safety, and most importantly sanity.

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