Are listed profiles real?

May not be 100% real, and that’s the story with any other escort directory. Rarely any advertiser would use their own real name in advertisements related to escort or sex work. Most are fictitious names. This is not a social media platform, what you expect 😊

Regarding pictures on profiles, we do encourage the use of real pictures and we give them a “verified Picture” badge if we are able to verify them from the verification picture, they send us. However, still, we get complaints from person switch after the booking and we strictly deal with such tricksters. We remove their verified picture badge and if the instance is repeated again, we just block them from our website.

Most girls don’t get their pics verified, because they don’t put their real picture on profiles, they put someone else’s pic from the net that appears like them, in body, in structure, hairstyle, etc. And it’s understandable, they don’t want anyone to know their line of business. So, they use likeness images. To be honest it's a 50-50 chance you may get a similar-looking girl from the profile pic. It's an industry-wide issue and at the moment we can’t fix it.

We rely on users’ feedback for deceptive ads should they get posted. We do our best to keep genuine people who are currently in business on our website. Report such actors to us on [email protected].