Get Ready for A memorable Sex Encounter in Sydney

Every meeting has its own story as people you meet lean an impression on you. I still remember a meeting that left a deep impact on me as it was the most beautiful date with a customer I had ever been to. This was about 3 years ago when I was still studying at the university and listed my profile on a high-class escort web portal I joined the adult service industry to have some fun and earn extra money. My experience as an elite Courtesan in Sydney is very fruitful and exciting as I have been lucky with my clients and the experiences I had. 

So, this was about 3 years ago,  I got a booking from this guy names Vincent, he asked me to give him a GFE escort services as he wants to enjoy a deeply romantic weekend booking. We decided to meet in Sydney downtown in the evening and he arrived with flowers and a lot of chocolates. The first impression, I got of him is that he is a nice guy and indeed he was. 

Then we sit on a coffee to plan our schedule which is all about enjoying the city and the moments. Working in teh industry made me realize that most of the clients seek adult services to escape from the harsh reality of life. Prostitutes attract clients because we are (hopefully) a peaceful, enjoyable fantasy to which men can withdraw at their leisure. When were with clients, we usually dress up and act/behave our best.

Our appointment started after the coffee where he took me to a mall and gifted me a nice dress because he wanted to me dress up in a certain way. Then we went for a very good movie date. Then we go out for clubbing where we let our hair down and paint the whole town red. It was such an exciting night where I couldn’t realize that I was with my clients as he treated me so beautifully and respected me. We were spending time like lovers, holding hands, kissing, and hugging each other. 

Then we came back to the hotel where he was staying and then he ordered our dinner and champagne, which was very nice of him as he asked me about my choice of drink and food. It was like a dream where a man is treating me like his lover and showing love and praise endlessly. I was surprised to see his behavior which is beyond my imaginations. The love he was showing was new to me as love is neither a commodity nor a simple thing to obtain. In addition, for a prostitute, love might be weird and contradictory.

We finished our dinners and I went for a shower to get ready for the intimate encounter. I came out in a sexy red gown, he was patiently waiting for me and when I came out he kissed my forehead. He was a nice guy who cared about prostitutes well-being and had empathy for them. He wants to comprehend, offer, and act respectfully rather than simply taking. He was enamored with me and tried to make me feel at ease. He gently kissed my boobs with his touch and kissed me again. He didnt merely perceive me as a sexual object when he caressed me thoroughly.

He also allowed me to relax and unwind by massaging me, listening to me, and comforting me. So the feeling of escapism was reciprocal and fulfilling with him.  We spent two days together and it was such an awesome experience for me as well. Before saying goodbye, I asked him something personal and he told me that he was married before and loved her wife deeply but unfortunately he had lost her. 

She perished in an accident, he claimed. He said hed never forget their love for each other. I felt terrible for him because it appeared like his old love was still alive and well. This client makes me question if I should rekindle the old flame in his heart again, I replied yes of course.

But after that, we never met as he never called and I follow strict professional ethics and being the High-class Escorts in Sydney not calling the customers. It was such a beautiful time that I spent with that gentleman and still cherishes those moments. The one thing that I learned from that encounter is "Intimacy and passion serve as a cure for reducing all of lifes difficulties.”

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