How to Give a Woman the Best Oral Sex?

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We all know woman orgasm is not like male ejaculation that is bound to happen in a sex session, woman anatomy is different so does her sexual urges and satisfaction. The female orgasm is one of the most talked-about topics as most of the woman doesn’t get their desired orgasm by having vaginal sex. So that means a lot of women reach their peak while having sex but don’t get sexual gratification to the fullest. There are a lot of ways to give a woman, her much-desired orgasm, oral sex is one of them. oral sex is not like vanilla sex that has no variation.

Oral sex is about trying new things, breaking some boundaries, going deep, and providing your partner the best sexual pleasure. So guys if your girl is not getting her orgasm. Pull your sleeves up and read this article to understand how can you give her the best oral sex that will blow her mind. And if you want to hire Brisbane escorts visit our website.

Read the blog and learn how to give your girl the best oral sex!

Slow and steady wins the race

Eat your girl's vagina like there is no tomorrow, take your time exploring every part of her vagina, lick it thoroughly, give every part your attention. Use different positions and flavored lubricants to enjoy it in the best way. Orals ex is the most effective way to turn a lady on. Remember take things slowly let her enjoy your warm tongue on her pussy and make sure she’ll be begging for more and more.

Enjoy her pleasure

Always keep in mind sex is not about getting pleasure alone it is about enjoying pleasure simultaneously. Enjoy the moment, indulge in her pleasure, and be ready to listen to her special requests. Touch her trigger points. Relax her make her like a queen, let her in the dominant position, and show her how much you love spending time between her legs.

Try different positions

Don’t stick to one position and try different positions, change your position as per the lady’s command. Let her ride your face, give her standing oral, make her doggy and blow her from behind. All this can give her an amazing opportunity to enjoy the best sexual pleasure.

Play with your tongue

Up your tongue game as your tongue is the tool that provides your girl the best sexual pleasure. Try licking your girl's vaginal cavity as deep as you can. Appreciate her pussy lips with your tongue rolling and licking. Kiss her pussy, make her feel special with your tongue, try teasing her with your tongue going in and out of her vaginal cavity. Don't hold back and try kissing, sucking, swirling, licking, and give it all.

Give attention to the clitoris

The clitoris is the most important trigger point of a girl's vagina as it has so endless nerves. Touching those sensitive nerves with the tongue can give instant orgasms so try exploring her clitoris more.

Focus on the whole lower body

Don’t get stuck up at one point explore your lady’s lower body as a whole, lick her things as it has so many erogenous zones that can trigger your girl to have an orgasm. Let her hold you in between her thighs; kiss her labia till she cum.

Try sex toys

Try using sex toys like vibrator and dildo while giving her oral as it can help her reach her orgasm. Including sex toys can be very helpful and exciting as women love deep penetration and sex toys allow you to penetrate them deeply while giving them the best oral sex pleasure.

Here are some tips that will help you in giving the best oral sex to your lady. These tips will help you in helping your girl is getting her much-desired orgasm and let you unwind and taste every bit of your woman.

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