My Crazy and Wild Anal Sex Encounter!

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Hey guys, my name is Lily and I work as an A-level Escort in Sydney. Id like to tell you about a recent sexual encounter that I had. So, as usual, I received a booking from ENB, and the gentleman on the other end informed me that he desired an A-level sexual encounter. We talked about everything and arranged to meet in a high-end hotel in the heart of the city. So, when the time came, I went to the hotel room that the guy had reserved and rang the bell. He welcomed me by opening the gate. To break the ice, we had some refreshments and drinks.

So the session began with me seductively dancing in gorgeous lingerie to a foot-tapping track. The more I demonstrated my abilities, the hornier he became. Finally, I removed my two-piece and revealed my lovely physique to him. His cock was as hard as a rock the moment he saw me nude. I forced him to sit on the sofa and climbed on top of him to show him my long, toned legs spread wide so he could see my p

His cock glimmered with the oil I had smeared on it in a sensual massage, so I knew hed be able to see my excitement. Are you prepared? I inquired. He nodded, his face animated. She enjoyed breaking in virgins and showing them the joys of that forbidden hole. I lowered my magnificent figure slowly, balancing on her high heels.

I grabbed the base of his dick with one hand and pressed my asshole against the tip. 

With one hand, I grasped the base of his dick and rubbed my asshole against the tip.

My flawless ass bounced a little, putting strain on my perfect ass. My skin began to give way gradually. As his cock slowly disappeared into my tight ass, I witnessed the look of awe on his face in the mirror. I stopped for a while before pushing down again, sinking his cock to the rim past the final barrier.

Ive had years of experience riding on my ass and know how to make him go crazy with my moves and talents as an experienced A-level Courtesan in Sydney. I grinned and circled her slender hips. He grumbled. I sighed in ecstasy as I caressed my swollen clit. His firm dick moved in and out of my sweltering body, his hands thumping against the mattress, his body writhing beneath me. 

My body was on the verge of exploding with an anal orgasm. The stimulation that radiated from my butt and clit stimulated every erogenous zone in my body. His body became as stiff as a board as a result of the sudden lock. As he discharged the cum from his engorged balls, his hips surged, raising him towards her, driving deeper. Each burst of spunk made him scream.

I let go of my grip and lowered my bottoms, my catty clenching hard and squeezing the final drops of sperm from the gentleman who was fucking me like an animal. I wanted to excite him even more by squeezing my ass into a smaller fuck hole. He screamed again, his balls drained.

He urged me to stay after I swallowed his remaining cum, but I had other commitments. So, after having supper with him, I assured him wed meet again. It was a spectacular butt-fucking session, primal and seductive, that I will remember for a long time.

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