My Hot And Wild Anal Sex Experience With A Black Guy!

It is a widely held belief that black guys have enormous dicks, and many women like sleeping with one to discover if they can manage it. One of Canberra Escort Girls told us about her first anal encounter with a black man. Jumeira is a stunning Escort in Melbourne with a curvaceous physique and massive bobs. ‘

Jumeira: I adore black men and being with them, they always tend to have enormous dicks that I want to fit into my pussy, she said about her first painful anal sex escorts with a black man.

Id like to tell you about my first experience with anal intercourse with a black man, which was a nightmare. I was still quite young and hadnt had any sort of sexual activity in a long time. Id met and been dating a black guy for a few weeks. Wed slept together before, but it was always uncomfortable since he was so big. He had always suggested anal sex, but I had always declined; I had contemplated it, but I had also realized how excruciating and nasty it would be.

He invited me over one night and told me hed got a bottle of champagne; Im still immature, so I just needed a drink to be completely inebriated. Before we started taking each others clothes off, we had been kissing and caressing. He kissed and tasted my cunt before squeezing my buttocks and licking my butt. I was getting thrilled as he kept pushing his big cock against my bum so I could feel how hard it was.

He requested me to let him enter from my backside means he wanted to penetrate my anal hole, when I declined, he slapped my buttocks and said it was unpleasant, and he wanted me to let him be naughty with me. I was young at the time, so I reasoned that I should give him his wish. After I eventually said alright, he stated he couldnt wait to fuck my ass and make it hurt. He shoved his dick into my mouth and told me to suck it and try to gulp it all while pretending it was filling up my ass. I opened my mouth, and he plowed it with his dick in and out, and I couldnt stop choking due to the size of it.

He flipped me over and poured oil between my ass cheeks while also smearing lotion on his shaft. He stated he couldnt wait and that I was a wild child for allowing it. I was anxious, but he told me to keep my mouth shut and let him enjoy himself. I was aroused but apprehensive about the experience. With a couple of his fingers, he began to finger my butt, spreading it wide. He began by softly pressing his rod into my bottom while fingering my butt to widen it even more. 

He finally got a bite in and it felt ok, so he told me to bite into the blanket because he was going to make me yell and he pushed his penis inside, it was so painful I was squawking and telling him to stop, but he kept going and telling me it wouldnt hurt for long, so I savored it and told him I wanted more, but it did hurt, so I told him I wanted more and he got excited and so I was ecstatically shouting and screaming because I was enjoying myself. His massive penis is hammering me like a drum, but it was a fantastic sensation that lasted a long time.

I had it a couple more times with him and others after that, and it still hurt, but not quite as much. Since then, Ive had a lot of anal intercourse with a variety of people, some of them have extremely large dicks, and Ive had a lot of fun with it. Im confident that I can now enjoy a gigantic big cock, even if it stings a little. I have lubricating oil on hand at all times, especially if I know itll be a guy with a large cocks, in case they want to have an anal with me.

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