My Hottest 69 Oral Sex Encounter!

Oral sex is one of the most sensuous and crazy sexual acts that most people want to try because it offers you a sense of dominance and submission all at once. This is a wonderful position for getting close and personal; it can improve sexual intimacy and is ideal for clients looking for a wild and passionate oral sex session. 

This act is about having oral and vaginal pleasure at the same time. Here, one of the Escort girls in Orange shares her 69 oral sex experiences with you to educate you about this naughty deed.

Tiffany: Hello, my name is Tiffany, and Ive been a 69 Oral Escort in Orange for a while. I am the most sought-after escort because finding a perfect lady with the abilities and sass to provide the best oral sex is quite rare. Men want to enjoy this kinky act with me, thus I got a lot of bookings for this service.

So, I met this guy through ENB about a month ago, and he hired me for the 69 oral sex service. Because it was an Incall booking, we met at my home. He showed up with flowers and wine, and I admire men who show care for women because we are all human, and its all about the connection. You will enjoy yourself more as you become more at ease. So I pour the wine into glasses and talk to him about his needs. He told me that he is ready to go all out.

I then asked them to assist me in removing my nice dress, which he did by pulling down the zip and caressing my back, which spurred me to grab his hair and kiss him insanely. We both began passionately kissing and touching each other, and then I climbed on top of him with my legs apart, pushed my pussy into his face, and put his large cock in my mouth; it feels so wonderful. I love seeing how hard I can push them in my mouth and how my mouth feels as it fills up as I get hotter.

We both loved it, and he was a pro at pussy eating, as seen by his movements, as he sank his nose and lips into the core of my pussy and began licking the pussy juice. He licked my pussy all over the place, and now its up to me to show him what Ive got. I put his cock in my mouth and began slurping, licking, and feeling it as if it were any other object. He was groaning like a demon since hed never had oral sex like this before.

He dug farther into my pussy and swooped down on me for the finest position. Like a dog licking a bone, he was licking my pussy. He requested me to come to a halt because he was going to cum and didnt want it to finish so soon.

He wanted me to ride his face, which was amazing since it gave me control over the experience and my climax, but he dragged me down onto the bed before I could say anything. He then turned around on top of me, pressing his erect cock into my mouth and licking my hot pussy with his tongue.

I was so turned on that I wanted his tongue deep within me because he had stopped me immediately before I had finished. I attempted curving my back to have his tongue go even further into my clit, but he moved up and licked my clit.  The session ended with a bang we both released at the same time.

Experiment with the ‘69 position if youre looking for an exclusive, physical experience. Seek the help of ENBs top 69 escorts and have the best 69 oral sex experience youve ever had.

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