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Oral without condom (OWC) and period play are two fantasies that are very intriguing for many men as getting a blowjob bare from a hot and skilled woman are sensuous and satisfying at the same time and many men love the idea of this act as a part of foreplay that gives the arousal and boost their sex drive. We all can agree every man wants to receive oral sex without any barricade and wearing a condom while receiving oral is like you are eating a bar of chocolate with a wrapper on it, but sometimes our partners dont feel the same and it became difficult to achieve it and that gives disappointment, but not any more people who dont have partners or partners who are not willing to participate can take professional help by hiring an escort to satisfy their innate desires with ease and by skilled ladies who love to play with mans cock.

Period play or period sex is a sexual fantasy where a man involved in a sexual act with a menstruating woman and it’s a bit weird but very kinky sexual fantasy as many man love to have sex with a woman who is on their period as it’s a proven fact that woman feel hornier while they are menstruating and that feeling intrigue lots of men to have sex with them. Period plays sex is dirty, kinky, and very intense and if you want to enjoy any of these fantasies then consider hiring escorts who are experienced and skilled in performing these sexual acts as it requires certain kinds of expertise and skills as well. We have listed the best Independent escorts who offer these services with complete safety and minus any health risk.

Explore these kinky fantasies

There is no feeling better than enjoying hot oral sex with a hot and sexy woman, imagine the scene where hot and sexy women kneeling in front of you and giving you an awesome blob while you are full bare without any restriction in between, these women are expert in giving head and they love mans crown and the hot release. These escorts will try a lot of positions like you can ride these womans faces while getting a blowjob and also let them sit on a couch and stroke them with your dick is so enthralling and satisfactory. Oral sex is not as simple as it seems it also needs some precision and some men want it bare and some want it covered and both can experience it with the help of the most sizzling and skilled OWO Oral without a condom.

Periods surely Heightened female libido and pleasure, though not universal, is routinely associated with menstruation and it Increases in blood flow to the pelvic region could heighten pleasure, Period Play Escorts will be more than happy to serve you and help you achieve your fantasy. there are some steps to do it perfectly.

  • Before starting the session discuss with your period play partner and choose the right period-sex positions like a missionary as it is safer and it gives more thrust and pleasure to both the partners involved.
  • Try different positions like spooning or straddling your partner as they hold your butt, hips, or back to bring you closer
  • Try Doggy style ask the period play escort to rest on her chest on the bed, prop your belly on a pillow, and raise your hips slightly to meet your partners genitals.
  • Always take care of the lubrication of the vagina as it tends to get dry while a female is on her period so have extra lube on hand Chances are your period sex routine involves taking out your tampon right before getting busy to minimize the mess.
  • Take care of hygiene and take a shower after having it or you can also try period sex in the shower. You’ll hardly notice the blood, and you both can wash each other up after.
  • Safety should be a priority and always use

Book and try something new and exciting

If you are craving for something they dont hide it and hire Independent escorts ACT who are ready for everything you love to experience. all escorts showcased on our service pages are always ready for a good fucking even when they have period days and after giving you a warm blowjob. So book and see the magic.

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