State Laws you Should Know about as an Escort In Australia

Being and escort in Australia demands that you know about the laws that guide your occupation, especially in the states where you operate the most. This is most important for escorts that have clients scattered all over Australia.

Another reason why you must know about these laws as an escort is because states in Australia do not make use of a general law when it has to do with working as an escort. The law in one state could be totally different from a neighboring state. This means that there are some things that would be completely legal in a state while being illegal in another.

Breaking the law of a state could lead to very severe punishment, and ignorance is never an excuse when it has to do with being legally informed.

That being said, here are some popular Australian states and the law that governs them.

Escorts in New South Wales

New south wales is one of the states in Australia where working as an escort is legal. However, as an escort, there are some activities that you cannot partake in while operating in this state. There are deemed as illegal. Some of these activities include the following:

  • Soliciting sex work near a school is illegal
  • You are not allowed to cause or induce sex work
  • Unless you own or manage a brothel, living on the earnings of a sex worker is illegal
  • Using a premise advertised as being a massage parlor or sauna as a brothel is illegal
  • Advertising sex work is illegal

Escorts in Western Australia

One place where you most likely will enjoy your work as an escort is western Australia. You definitely will meet a lot of sophisticated clients and make a lot of money. Working as an escort is also very legal in the state. However, some of the illegal activities you have to beware of include the following:

  • You are not allowed to cause or induce sex work
  • You are not allowed to run or pimp a brothel in the state
  • Using a premise advertised as being a massage parlor or sauna as a brothel is not allowed

Escorts in Victoria

Victoria is another state on Australia that allows you enjoy your work as an escort. However, there are measures to this in terms of advertising and working as an individual brand. Therefore, the best way to go about this is to join a licensed escort group, or an online site that would allow you advertise and get you clients.

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