The Secret to Massages

Everyday living is getting more stressful than ever and most of us are breathing bags of knots. Massages are a great way to relieve tension and can even be included in our foreplay to set the mood and lead to lower threshold for pleasure sensing.

When with a client you will make an impression because today, I’ll be telling you how the professionals get it done.


With massages, set-up is crucial. You will need a strong base that is reminiscent of a massage table and the floor is a good option as long as it is warm. Place a yoga mat or a blanket to provide a clean surface. For extra soothing ambience, you can put on really soft music, optimally one without lyrics. The room should be dimly-lit, preferably with candles but some colored bulbs can be a great alternative. Take off your clients shirt while you wear a silky robe or get nude. Lay them face down on a pillow with their neck turned sideways. Get some natural oils like almond, coconut or jojoba because they smell good, are great for the skin and absorb easily.

Begin with the Back

With your hands at either side of his back and the rest of you kneeling in front of his head, slide them down each side of the spine, applying pressure all the way down to the lower back and over the buttocks. Glide your hands back up to the neck and over the shoulder and repeat this 5 to 10 times. As you work, ask your client for feedback. Gradually increase pressure which each gliding lap. Reposition yourself to his side and begin massaging the lower back on the side closest to you. Use the lowest part of your palms with your hands slightly dorsiflexed and go in circular motions, inching to the other side of his back and then bringing your hands back towards you.

Shoulders, neck and head

There is a common mistake people make of using one hand on either side of the shoulder. The more effective technique is to use both hands on one side at a time. Firmly sink your thumbs into the flesh and rotate them along the edge of the scapula. Ride your hands up the neck and gently pressing into it with fingers together and flat, going in circles. Keep doing this as you read the head and focus on his temples. From the temples, work your way up to his forehead and end with his scalp.

Don’t forget the legs, glutes and feet

It is best to start at the ankles and move slowly to the hip. Grab the calf muscle with both hands and squeeze. Make slight wringing motions, move up a bit and repeat. When you get to the quads, ball your hands into a fist and knead. Massage one glute at a time using long gliding strokes (effleurage). Don’t skimp on the pressure, they can take it. For the feet, place your thumb and index about an inch from your toe knuckles and wiggle the middle bones of the foot. Knead the rest of the foot with your thumbs rotating.

For a more sensual massage is to give the flesh a treat by interjecting short moments of light, slow, circular strokes with the tips of your fingers or a feather.

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