What do Men want During Sex?

Yeah, we all know sex is an initial part of life and it is fun, crazy and it involves a lot of intimacy and passion and it can more intimate physical connection with a partner you really love or maybe desire to feed your sexual urges. There is a lot of misconception about how men perceive sex, but there is more than reliving your sperm and getting laid. So for ladies who want to know what men really want during sex then these are some of the things.

1. Stress relief

After a long day of work most people exhaust themselves and what they want a good sensual time with their partner. Every man wants their partner to understand the needs and offer them some stress relief in the form of a sensual massage to soothe their senses and invigorate their sexual desires.

2. Long Foreplays

Long foreplays are always an awesome idea and build up to sex can be just as, or even more enjoyable than the act itself. From the passion, suspense, and anticipation of whats to come, foreplay could be exciting and exhilarating for both partners.

3. Different Sex positions

Having sex in normal positions can be boring sometimes and men love when their partner who experiment with sex positions. So if ladies want to impress their man then they should be ready to try some new positions to increase kink in the act.

4. Oral Sex

Many people prefer to get a good blowjob as a part of foreplay that arouses their senses and boost sex drive. Oral sex will make it more pleasurable and it will enhance joy in the act.

5. Dirty Talks

Talking dirty to your partner can turn him on even more and men love to hear some dirty things from their sexual partner when a lady says daddy to his men it increases the excitement in men. So never miss the opportunity to whisper some naughtiness to drive him crazy.

6. Roleplay

Men love to role play while having sex so don’t be shy trying something new maybe you can give him the best sexual experience as their sexy mistress or secretary.

7. Strip Tease

The sight of a woman, scantily clad and moving around in a provocative fashion then removing it is bound to drive any guy wild, make sure to wear something that is easy to remove when the time is right to take things to the bedroom.

8. Make noise during sex

One of the most common desires is hearing your lady moaning loudly so ladies try moaning, grunting, growling, or dirty talking more often in bed.

9. Visual Treat

For men, what they see is almost as good as what they get, so make sure to give him an eyeful if youre feeling it too.

So, here are some tips that men always want during sex and it will surely help.

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