Why Do Men Love to go to Prostitutes?

What makes a man sleep with a sex worker or prostitute? We asked Lisa(an escort) to quiz her favorite client and these are the reviews that we got from him.

Lisa(an escort)-31 years old sees around 18-20 clients a week. She started eight years back when she found herself struggling to raise her two daughters alone. Her husband left her just after marriage due to some misunderstanding. She quizzed her favorite client- John-39 years old who lives in Melbourne. He is visiting Lisa for two years. He has been described as friendly by Lisa. She asked him:

Why do you Come to Meet a Prostitute?

John replied he found his job so stressful. He thought he would go home and relax with his wife. But, in reality, his house is always noisy and his wife is also too busy with dinner and other kinds of stuff. Also, he thought that when he come to see Lisa it is the opposite. He finds it one of the peaceful and calm places and whenever he goes back to his work, he feels organized and stress-free.

Do you Enjoy Sex with your Wife?

John replied his wife has already lost his interest many years ago. Its heartbreaking but now I have to accept the reality. Even I asked her to go to a sex therapist but she seems uninterested.

How does Enjoying Sex Differ between your Wife and Me?

John smiled and said- his wife is only interested in enjoying her pleasure and after having an orgasm, she seems non-interested which was too frustrating. But as he loves her too much thats why he doesnt want to blame his wife.

When did you First Go to see a Sex Worker?

John thought he started going to strip clubs with his colleagues and he found it too exciting and relaxing. And then he started liking it and so one day his friend asked him for the enjoyment with a prostitute and so, he sees a sex worker.


Many men are looking for an adventure; some are looking for sex and others are justifying their actions by just enjoying revenge sex. So, many love to enjoy a good time with sex workers- also, they thought that they are paying for women so in return they can do whatever that want. But, in reality, they should understand that it is their profession so they should request them and treat them like their real girlfriends.