A Naughty Role-Play Date with Suzanne!

An escort featured on our adult service page Escort Girls in Brisbane, informed us about a recent role-play encounter where she dressed up as a naughty schoolgirl for one of her frequent clients. What transpired will be explained by the girl named Suzanne, she is quite popular with clients as she is a very good-looking and petite babe. She got a call from one of the customers who wanted her to dress up as a schoolgirl and cater to his needs.

This customer needed a young escort to fulfill his schoolgirl fantasies; he is attracted to young ladies dressed as schoolgirls and wanted to record the experience. Suzanne is perfect for the act because of her looks and petite small body. She dressed up and prepared herself for her clients arrival because it was an Incall booking. When he arrived, he was dressed in a suit and told Suzanne that he was going to teach her some new abilities. Suzanne expressed her excitement by saying, ‘I love to play the bad schoolgirl and be told what to do’

Im a sassy and sultry Courtesan in Brisbane that enjoys meeting new people and trying out new things in the bedroom. My customer began by chastising me for not wearing underwear and forcing me to bend over in front of him. Im a Blonde Escort Girl who likes being in charge, and I normally spank my clients, but my customer gave me a swift slap on the buttocks this time.

I reprimanded him because I dislike being spanked, but I was also impressed that he dared to do so. He ordered me to keep still so he could rub my bum and show me what it felt like to be caressed, and he spent a lot of time kneeling beneath me giving me oral sex, which was incredibly arousing, and I had to stand still because I wanted to sit on his face.

He told me to sit in the chair facing him and to open my mouth as a treat because I had been a good girl and had completed all of my schoolwork, and then he forced his dick into my mouth, I gagged a couple of times because he went for it hard, but I enjoy delivering oral sex as well.

He put my legs on his shoulders and fucked me hard, asking if it hurt because I was so young and horny, and the fact that we were role acting added to the excitement. He continued to screw me and then told me he wanted me to taste him because he wanted to make sure I was learning what to do. After all, he was my instructor.

He urged me to keep my mouth open and swallow when I felt the warm cum in my mouth, then he rose and began fucking my mouth, pulling my hair back, and then shoving his dick deep into my mouth as he approached. I swallowed and saw how turned on he was; Ive since role-played this scenario with this customer a few times, and Ive liked acting out his dreams.

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