A real report from a real brothel in Mexico City

Posted by: ENB Australia | May 01, 2024

A real report from a real brothel in Mexico City


To learn the specifics of the Mexican intimate industry, as well as to understand its peculiarities and algorithms of action, you need to see the work of nightclubs and intimate establishments from the inside. Therefore, having arrived in Mexico City, Bordelero correspondents went to one of the largest closed intimate clubs on the outskirts of the city. To get there, it was necessary to get the support of one of their regulars, because without recommendations are not allowed into this club, but inside it is allowed to enjoy the company of beautiful Latin women without special restrictions. However, we were allowed to interview the putanas only on condition of not disclosing specific addresses and names, so as not to compromise the establishment and the girls who work there secretly from their relatives.

Stories of a Mexican brothel

As you know, prostitution is allowed in the country on the basis of a single federal law, but how exactly to interpret it, each state decides individually. And since the capital is one of the most popular cities among tourists, Mexico City prostitutes are no less in demand among travelers from the most remote corners of the planet. The brothel chosen by our reporters is like a classic motel with a large lobby, a bar and more than 30 individual rooms. Each room has its own design, and some stand out with narrowly themed interiors that focus on the work of call girls with unconventional skills.

You can choose a girl either from the online catalog or simply by strolling through the room with a drink in hand. However, it is recommended to immediately discuss the cost and the list of desired services, as even within the same establishment Mexico City (CDMX) escorts can have different rates. The more unusual the wish of the customer, the more expensive it will cost him a date with a putana. If there is a desire to invite a girl to your territory, you will have to negotiate with the administration. In this case, the individual has every right to refuse to leave the limits of the brothel, if she is not sure of the client or does not want to shine.

One of the girls working that evening very willingly made contact with our staff, telling how long she has been working in this field and in this brothel. It turned out that she is only 22 years old and a little more than 3 of them she devoted to prostitution. For the first year the beauty tried to work individually, but it turned out that it is difficult to provide sex services in Mexico City without successful acquaintances or a good cover - it is not safe in the remote streets, and in the top places there is high competition.

Then the girl tried to work remotely - there are dozens of large-scale Internet sites for sex dating in the capital. She liked this method better, because she could decide for herself when and with whom she could work. However, a significant disadvantage was the instability of online recruitment, because one day 5-6 customers could call at the same time, and then it would be quiet for a few days. And yet the publication of the questionnaire on the site became a winning ticket for the girl, because here she was found by a recruiter of a brothel. It turned out that many brothels recruit prostitutes in Mexico City through publications on love portals.

As a result, the individual passed the interview and got into a closed institution for a probationary period. And since she turned out to be a cheerful and diligent girl, the management was happy to keep her on the job for a long period. Also several Latin girls said that they had previously worked in other intimate salons, but in this club more attractive conditions - higher earnings and serious requirements for safety.

Of course, it will be more expensive to rent a Mexico City prostitute in the chosen brothel than to get acquainted on the street or in a bar, but the local nightgirls necessarily undergo medical examinations, as well as guarantee the honesty and confidentiality of each date.