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The human mind is very complicated and different from another and it holds desires that are contrasting from each other, some people like spice and some people like sweet. Sexual fantasies are the outcome of deeply-rooted liking for something and most of the people have it. Some people like to have something rough and rugged and some people like it more passionate and romantic, but the main goal is to reach the ultimate orgasm that they are looking for. Affectionate kissing and Domination are two very different fantasizes on involve softness and romance, the other one involves a lot of sweet pain and intensity. If you have any of these fantasy and you are not able to fulfill it then Independent escorts listed with our portal offer these services to people who are eager to experience the sweet nectar of love and domination.

Most of us put our sexual calling on the back burner because it is usually not possible to have it with our partners as sometimes they don’t validate to your wild imaginations related to sex and this is where escorts service providers came to rescue and give us a chance to explore all the deep hidden desires.

What are these fantasies are all about

Affectionate kissing is the process where two people kiss each other with passion and love, deeply indulging in the process using their tongue and lips to the fullest, playing with each other mouth, putting their tongue inside, and taste every part of their partners’ lips and mouth. Passionate kissing is for people who are into praising the beauty of a woman and they find pleasure in tasting the juice from the ladies mouth. It is not as easy as it seems to be and it requires a person who knows how to use your mouth perfectly. This service offers a lady that acts your girlfriend or partner and indulge in you with full passion and provide you the most romantic time.

Affectionate Kissing Escorts don’t restrict themselves to mouth only they provide many types of Affectionate kisses and each one of them leads to different feelings. Some of them are:

  • Kisses on the mouth. This is the most romantic kiss of all where partners lips come together as an expression of romance and passion.
  • French kiss. This is the most famous kiss, this is widely popularised by movies in this kiss, the mouth is opened and the tongues come into contact with each other. It is ideal for foreplay.
  • Wild kisses. This kiss is concerned with slightly biting the lip, thereby causing an immediate response in the body, which is a good erotic component.
  • Kisses on the breast. It is a very arousing kiss where men kiss the nipples of a lady gently, alternating the tongue and lips.
  • Kiss on the feet. This kiss is sexually fetishist and is a part of foot fetish it involves a lot of kissing, fondling, or sucking of the feet can be very arousing.
  • Anilingus. This kiss is very dirty as it focuses on the bottoms and it deals with performing oral sex in the anus.
  • Snowballing. This kiss is also considered as the kinkiest one as it is being performed after ejaculating, by keeping the semen in the mouth and passing it to the partner by kissing him.

Domination is part of the BDSM act where a person is in command and other partners act as a slave fulfilling every command and love the humiliation and pain given by the commanding partner. Some of the acts performed in Domination are mentioned below.

Role-play, fantasies and fetish activities, home invasion, ddlg daddy/girl (age play), master,  slave, teacher,  student, medical, examination, edge play, consensual non-consent, kidnapping,  interrogation, incest play, aunt, mother, sister, brother,  father,  daddy,  nanny, niece,  nephew, impregnation, pregnancy fantasy, religious play,  nun, priest, church, convent, foot fetish, armpit fetish, Humiliation, feminization, chastity, cross-dressing, drag. Tie and tease, bondage, Mummification, Prostate massage, Nuru massage, Orgasm control,  denial, mutual,  instructed,  forced masturbation, Electrostim, electrics,  Pet, puppy, pony play, Cuckolding, sissy. Pegging, strap on, bottoming, topping, Face-sitting,  queening, Body-mass worship, Corporal punishment (CP), impact play spanking, spanking, caning, pain wheel, whipping, paddle, flogger, crop, ruler, hairbrush, collar / collaring ceremony, cuffs, and rope, slapping, hitting, hair pulling. Hot wax, Tickle torture, Blindfold, Cock, and ball torture (CBT). Watersports, (golden showers, Fisting, Sounding, Breathplay, Kissing (FK, DFK),

Book escorts to fulfill your wild imaginations

All escorts in NSW listed with these services are fully capable of performing all the acts mentioned and they love to involve in their clients fantasies and provide them the best experience ever. Every act is done and performed under the boundaries of respect, consent, safety.

No matter how extreme your fetish is, these escorts will fulfill all of that with ease and reinvigorate your senses. Book your session and live your chance to experience something crazy and romantic.

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