The Best A-Level Sex I Have Ever Had!

For men and women, anal intercourse is a unique experience. Its a little dirty, and it adds some diversity to regular intercourse. Anal sex has a tinge of forbidden about it, which contributes to its appeal. Many people are willing to engage in anal sex and have strong urges for it. Even just thinking about it elicits enthusiasm in many. Anal sex, on the other hand, is one of those things that you either like or dislike, but you always want to experience it. 

Weve put up an exclusive list of anal sex escorts who are amazing and skilled. To give you a kinky perspective on this encounter, we spoke with one of the Anal play escorts featured on our platform, and she told us about a crazy sex story from a booking she had a few months ago. As she stated, Zeneca preferred anal intercourse. 

Zeneca: Being an escort allows fulfilling my anal desires regularly, which is filthy and seductive. So this is about a customers anal sex booking. So the time and place were set, and I arrived on time. He then took her out to supper, where they discussed a variety of topics.

As usual, I was engrossed in the discourse, and the longer we chatted, the hornier I became. Now that the time has come, weve arrived at the hotel room, where I finally had him naked beneath my beautiful body. His cock had a rock-like hardness to it. I knelt above him, my long, toned legs stretched wide, so he could see my pussy and asshole. I knew hed be able to tell when I became aroused since I knew how wet hed made me. The lubrication that I had smeared on his cock in a passionate rubbing glistened on his shaft. I said, "Are you ready?"

My fit figure sagged as I balanced on my high heels. I squeezed my tight asshole against the tip of his dick with one hand. My flawless ass bounced slightly, putting strain on my exquisite ass. As his cock slowly disappeared into my tight ass, I witnessed the look of awe on his face. I stopped for a second before pushing down and buried his cock to the hilt past the final barrier.

Its so hot, so wet, so fucking amazing, he exclaimed. I grinned and swung my hips around in a circle. He grumbled his dissatisfaction with his lot in life. I groaned ecstatically as I placed my finger on my swollen clit. As I started fucking him with my buttocks, little groans escaped my tiny neck. Thrusts that go deep He was awestruck the whole time. His thick dick slipped into and out of my anus. His body twisted beneath me, his hands thumping into the mattress.

Im not going to be able to contain myself for much longer, he exclaimed. You go when youre ready, sweetheart, I replied, because Im ready to blow at any moment. Her body was teetering on the brink of an anal orgasm. My breasts tingled as the sensation from my ass swept through every erogenous zone. His body became as rigid as aboard. As he discharged the come from his engorged balls, his hips surged, pushing him towards me and thrusting him deeper. With each burst of spunk, he shrieked.

My pussy tightened strongly, pressing my butt even tighter as I let go of my control and sank my pelvis, drawing the final droplets coming from his cock. His balls were ripped empty, and he moaned again. I was happy with his look when the situation came to a close. When we next met, he would beg for anal.

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