Best Positions to Try For Same-Sex Couples

Posted by: ENB Australia | December 18, 2022

Best Positions to Try For Same-Sex Couples

It is always interesting to experiment with some sexual fun with your same sex partner. And so, for that purpose, we have mentioned some amazing positions in this article that you can try for making an unforgettable memory. Also, while enjoying sexual funs, make sure to enjoy open communication with her and be honest with her while spending time with your partner.

Best Positions to Try For Same-Sex Couples

Amazing positions to try with your same-sex partner to enjoy a mind-blowing experience:

  • The rodeo

Get ready to awaken the inner cowgirl for enjoying rodeo sex positions. It is just like the cowgirl position, in this, you have to just be on top of your mate and have to be in such a position that you lie between her legs. You can easily rub your partner’s clitoris and she can rub yours. It will help you in enjoying multiple orgasms with each other.

  • The Double Duty

In this, you have to ask your partner to kneel in such as way that her pelvis stays upwards. Kneeling in such a way will help you in playing with the clitoris well. You can also use your fingers as well as a tongue for playing with her clitoris as well as vulva. Also, you can rub her clitoris and then can enjoy good times with each other.

  • The pole dancer

In this position, you have to ask your partner to sit on the chair by keeping one leg up. And make sure to keep your foot at rest. Whereas, you have to simply stand up on the top of the folded legs so that, you can easily play with her clitoris. You can do fingering as well as rub her clitoris for enjoying extreme pleasure.

  • The squatter

In this sex position, you need to ask your partner to lie down on the back and you have to squad right on her face. Gradually, you can enjoy with her nipples and then you can extremely enjoy with her; also, you can use pillows for enjoying a fun time with each other.

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