Do you Fantasize Over Feet then Experience it in Adelaide

Posted by: ENB Australia | June 05, 2020

Do you Fantasize Over Feet then Experience it in Adelaide

The fantasy of foot worship or foot licking, better known as “podophilia,” is one of the kink fetishes which people usually dont speak out due to the taboos and non-acceptance related to it, but it is a well-known kink fetish in the fetish lovers world. This is a very specific kind of sexual fantasy. One should experience it because if you don’t then you will regret not having a foot fetish and repressing it for long.

This intense and seductive act can manifest itself as an obsession with the view, feel, and/or smell of feet. The fetish offers a wide variety of fun and sexy scenarios involving these erotic extremities, several of which I happen to specialize in. Do not restrain yourself because enjoying the gift of your sexuality doesnt make you a sinner.

Where you can experience this fetish

As we all know we can’t express or practice all our fetishes and desires with our partners because of obvious reasons they are not our practice ground to test our fetishes but that doesn’t stop you from experiencing it. You can hire Foot Fetish Escorts in Adelaide who are very skilled, hygienic, and medically tested escorts and they are happy to offer you their services.

Those with more compelling attractions to feel enjoy engaging in foot play that is more involved than simple admiration and observation. Foot proclivity could be harmless and its just a matter of choice and desire. Rituals enjoyed by foot fetishists are wide-ranging. Some enjoy being sexually stimulated manually by feet through touch, sucking, licking, and rubbing feet is pleasurable for many foot fans.

Services Offered by Foot Fetish Escorts

Adelaide Foot Fetish Escorts Service is not restrained to one or two practices it involves a lot of acts that stimulate the sexual prowess of people who are involved in the act. Some of the services are:

Submission: For the submissive, there’s the ultimate submission of massaging your foot mistress’s feet, sucking toes, licking their soles, or having your face used as their footrest and you can also try some role-play.
Footjob: Escort will rub and caress your throbbing cock until you just can’t hold back any longer. The foot job is one of the most requested foot fetish scenarios.

Foot Trampling: Do you enjoy feeling the weight of your foot mistress on you standing over you with their foot planted on your chest or your face? They will trample and crush you like the worm you are in my heels, boots or barefoot if you’re lucky. Consider this a privilege!

Teasing Tickles: Tickling fetish is one of the most popular ways you can explore foot fetish in this the submissive partner usually finds themselves restrained in rope or cuffs while the dominant uses fingers, feathers, and even toothbrushes to tickle-torture their feet.

• Barefoot Arrival
• Shoe Modelling
• Public Stimulation
• Foot worship
• Smelly feet
• foot kissing and toe sucking and more.

Why Foot Fetish is so enticing and Tempting

There is an old saying people love things that are covered up. The more something is covered up, the more you want to uncover it. Feet are almost always covered up: by shoes, socks, boots, booties, slippers, etc. This is where the imagination of a fetish comes from and its a human nature to explore their sexuality in the most dramatic and unusual but not harming ways. Foot Fetish Escorts nearby you can fulfill all your dirty play fantasizes to fulfil your desires of foot worship in the kinkiest and most erotic way.