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Cum in mouth or facial is an oral sex act where a male partner put his penis inside a womans mouth and release his load there and putting it all over the face. This act is usually considered as very plain and vanilla sex experience but we all know we cannot get the validation to every kink from our partners and this is one the kinkiest act that our female partner won’t accept as swallowing  cum is not everyone’s cup of tea and you need an experienced and skilled partner who can take you on a voyage where you can achieve that ultimate climax to satiate all your kinky sexual desires. Cum in the mouth is not just about experiencing something physical it lot more to do with psychological as many men get some other kind of satisfaction by putting their dicks on woman’s lips and force them to swallow their load after cumming, this act is both an erotic and submissive gesture that a lot of men like to take the dominant role when it comes to having sex.  There can be another reason like people love to replicate acts that they saw in porn movies. Another reason may be that he has seen it in a porno and want to try it out first hand.

If you are also seeking something of that sort with complete safety ad privacy then we have listed the best choice for you as you can find an endless number of escorts on our portal who are ready to offer you the most intimate Cum in Mouth Escorts Service. Escorts showcased on our service pages are highly skilled and trained courtesans who know how to satisfy a man with their skills and sexy moves.

How it’s done?

Cum in the mouth is not as simple as having sex in a missionary position or having a blowjob from your partner, it has more to do with the handling of a man’s cock and playing with his shaft in the best way till he releases his white fluid in womans mouth and on her face. Once you hire a sexy escort listed on service pages they will lowly undress you and begin licking your testicles giving your balls a very thorough tongue bath by slurping them inside out. The act will start when a sexy babe runs her tongue up the underside of your penis., and when she got to the head, she took it into her mouth and enjoyed the feeling of your shaft in her mouth. These escorts are specially trained to do this act and they use their trained jaws that could open up to take your shaft as deeply as they can.

Cum in escort babe will not leave any part of your cock unexplored and explore your dick with her long tongue, alternating between bending her head up-and-down taking your manhood in deeper and deeper with each bend and swirling her tongue around the tip of your cock. Once the escorts felt that you are about to climax,  she quickly switched back to licking your testicles and used her saliva to massage the testicles and with one hand while she will stroke your fully erected penis with the other hand almost as if it was an extension of her mouth. You can feel the stiffening of your whole body once you get close to your climax and she will keep her mouth on the head of your cock as she stroke it and when you release your load she will make not to let any fall and make a mess by taking the whole come in her mouth and on her face and boobs.

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