Face Sitting and Food Sex Service with Independent Escorts VIC

Posted by: ENB Australia | August 21, 2020

Face Sitting and Food Sex Service with Independent Escorts VIC

Fantasies and fetishes are a deep unfulfilled dream that people are holding for so long and their fantasies give them arousal and erotic satisfaction but some very kinky and unconventional fetishes are sometimes very difficult to fulfill and are taboo and not everyone agrees with your weird desires and most of the people left lurking for it. Some people have some of the weird fantasies like face sitting and Food sex and both of these fantasies are done to satisfy their unfulfilled sexual needs and by this, they escape reality and enter the world of their dirty dreams and desires. Facesitting and food sex or food sploshing are acts where a lot of intimacy and sensation involved for people who feel sensation while doing it and most of the people who are drawn towards these fantasies face on a common issue which is it is not as easy as it seems to be accessible, but if you are also into some kinky sex activities like these two and you need an expert who can help you realize your dream fantasy with precision then Independent escorts’ in VIC can help you fulfill it with complete privacy and safety.

How it is performed

Face sitting is an act where a man is laying down and allowing a lady to sit on his face naked while giving her oral sexual satisfaction, this is the act where women are usually in command and people who love be get dominated and achieve their orgasm from it. This act needs a lot of passion and involvement. It is exciting to even imagine allowing a sexy female with big derrieres sitting on your face and giving you force oral-genital and anal contact. This act is performed by ladies with big bottoms and fat pussies as men who are intrigue to this sexual act have a fantasy for big and heavy bottoms and they get mad when they see a hot woman walking backward with a pair of sexy buttocks. They love the scene when two heavy balls rub against each other and what is better when those two balls rubbing against their face while the woman holding their hairs and forcing them to lick and eat her private parts. This act is very kinky as a woman with a pair of cushions (ass) riding a man face raw and giving him the feel of the curvy bottoms like anything never experienced.

Food sex Food sploshing is a fantasy where people get aroused by food and use food as their sex objects and take pleasure in covering themselves in food or cover their partners in food and eating and drinking from their body. For example, certain fruits like bananas, cucumbers, and foods like hot dogs and sausages are purported to cause sexual arousals. Their penis-like shape can look like substitutes for a sex toy or a body part. Sometimes, its simple things like the texture of the food, or the way it melts or spreads! It’s the enjoyment of playing with the different sensations the food can provide; things like smell, taste, touch.  Sexual fantasies are not just for achieving sexual satisfaction it also helps people to be more confident about their body and sometimes it gave them mental satisfaction and they become more passionate about achieving their unfulfilled dreams and it helps in reducing their stress and tension.

Hire these professionals to fulfill your dirty fantasies

These fetishes are not usual and common sex act that can be performed by every escort it needs training and skills and you need Independent escorts VIC listed on our portal who are well trained and experienced in performing these acts with safety and they are here to give you every kind of pleasure, just visit our portal and choose your perfect match from hundreds of profile. Search for Escorts who provide your desired service and book them today. We can ensure you that they will fulfill your wildest wishes as to the way you want.