The Hottest Erotic Adventure Ive Ever Experienced!

Posted by: ENB Australia | October 26, 2021

The Hottest Erotic Adventure Ive Ever Experienced!

Maria is a huge bust Escort with massive Bobbies who enjoys ensuring that all of her gentlemen are thrilled and eager to return for more. Her enormous wide ass and curvaceous physique, eager for a lot of attention, will delight you. She is a high-class Sydney escort babes that enjoys having kinky sex escort service and receiving fisting in her lovely buttocks. She enjoys meeting new people and just received an Outcall escort booking from an entrepreneur who requested that she see him at his workplace. So we asked Maria, a leading Sydney escort female, and she told us about her previous crazy sex session with her client.

Maria: I wore a minimal outfit to flaunt off my titties; I enjoy flaunting them at every occasion and they usually attract a huge amount of curiosity. He met me behind his building and took me up in the elevator, where he pulled me up against the lifts side and began licking my boobs. I was aroused knowing it was a short booking. We paused smooching on the way to his workplace, he closed his curtains, and we continued smooching, fondling each other all excessively. He wished me to be his receptionist, so he stayed at his workstation and started telling me to get his documentation and tasks for him. I got his journal and pretended to write in, all the while leaning over his counter, and he began calling me a kinky secretary and asking if I wished extra.

I replied I couldnt keep taunting him all the time, so I went down to pick something up from the chamber and he smacked my buttocks, then I rose and he said I should make sure he was pleased with the job I was doing. I pretended to be naïve the whole time because I knew it was all a joke. He sat down and unbuttoned his pants, instructing me to use my titties and tongue to ensure he was happy that I was capable of providing a nice escorting service. 

I yanked my gown up, exposing my boobs, and began licking his manhood up and down, making him work even deeper. I wrapped my bosom around his hard cock to give him a tit session, moving them up or down while he rubbed and held them. I swallowed his wiener up and down and teasingly took it out of my throat to taste the tip of his shaft back and forth.

He wished for a raise and put more cash on the table, then told me that if I knelt and let him penetrate my backside, hed give me everything I needed and much more. I faked I wasnt going to, and he dragged me up to his table, where I sat and fingered my cunt. The fact that he was instructing me what to do aroused me hot. I knelt and he began pecking and sucking my butthole; I demanded more and told him I deserved a raise; I felt his big rod slap against my butt; he shoved it inside, pounding me forcefully; it was wonderful anal sex escort service; I came on his table; he came on his work station.

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