How to know If Your Partner is Lying

Posted by: ENB Australia | November 18, 2019

How to know If Your Partner is Lying

Think your lover is lying to you but not sure about it? Here we are to clear all your confusion and to help you find out the truth. Well, doubting your partner for lying or cheating on its own is a punishment. You’ll spend days and nights thinking and over thinking different scenarios but will never get to a solution. All you will want at all these times to know the truth and to stop the unnecessary thinking process in your mind. No worries, you’ve got yourself a true friend now. In this blog, you’ll come to know about the various signs in your partner that will help you find out if they are lying or not. Let’s know about these signs:

Sometimes the universe is trying to tell you the truth but it’s you ignoring it all. Look with your eyes wide open, if their stories add up or not. Putting it in simple words, we mean if you notice your partner telling you a different story and their friends or family something else then you are right they are lying.

  • Another trait to look for in your lover to know whether they are lying or not is that they are not giving you straight answers. When you question them for where they’ve been or what they were doing, you’ll get a strange answer. They might repeat your question in order to get more time to think, become defensive even when you are asking generally, garble answers or may avoid the discussion on the whole.
  • Well, have your partner made plans with you but then ditched you at the last moment without giving you a believable reason? Yeah! That does sound off and doubting but before you jump on a conclusion and state your partner a cheater, it’s better you have a one on one talk with them.
  • You might notice some unusual behavior or odd body language of your partner when they are trying to hide something from you. You can look for some signs, for example, avoiding eye contact, maintaining distance and overall acting strange or nervous.
  • Accusing you of cheating or hiding something could be your lover’s trick to justify themselves. Most people do this to pinpoint the blame on the other and clearing them out of the doubt. Notice them closely if you find your partner doing such things.

These were some traits that can help you find out whether your lover is lying or not. However, if you think that your partner is lying to you or simply keeping something away from you, it is better if you’d ask them yourself first. It can be because they are going through a tough time or being off due to some reason. Instead of accusing them of lying directly, just try to have a conversation with them politely and ask them if they want to tell you something.

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