My Endless Love for Anal Sex!

Posted by: ENB Australia | August 24, 2021

My Endless Love for Anal Sex!

Anal sex is experienced differently by men and women. Its sinister, and it adds a twist to regular sex. Anal sex has a stigma attached to it, which adds to its allure. Many people yearn for and desire anal sex. People get excited just thinking about it. Anal sex, on the other hand, is something that you either desire or despise. Escortsnearby.com.au has listed some of the wildest Anal sex escorts that are truly sensual and provide clients with A-level services. They enjoy this kinky sexual activity because they enjoy the sweet pain and energy that anal sex provides.

ENB spoke with Sandra, an A-level escort, to learn more about anal sex and to hear about a recent experience she had with a client. Sandra: I love anal sex and have loved having it since I was a teen. Initially, I need a bit of lube, but now, depending on the size of a guys cock, I dont always need to use lotion.

I think I like it because some people still think its a little taboo; not every woman enjoys it. Im not sure if its because were comfortable enough within ourselves to fully let go and relish ourselves, but many of the other Escort girls appear to enjoy it as well. Ive had a lot of anal sex with multiple men, and each time feels very different; depending on the man, it can feel dirtier or deeper.

Last week, I had anal sex for the first time with a client who had previously visited some of the other Melbourne escorts. I was looking forward to having sex because I had just returned from a short vacation.

Before we started, I decided to give him a good bit of oral sex. When he entered my apartments, we started kissing right away; he was an experienced customer who had previously met with escorts and felt at ease to start touching right away.

I like men who lie back on the beds edge with their legs open, allowing me to kneel in front of them and suck them off. I spent a lot of time licking the tip of his cock and putting him in my mouth because he got a huge dick than I expected. I took out the lube and began jerking him off. I then told him to feel me while I bent down above him so I could get wet before we had anal. I touched myself until I was close to climaxing, then leaned over the side of the table and told him to just fuck my butt. He seated behind me, split up my butt cheeks, and starts licking my butthole.

It was a major turn-on to know he had just gotten hold like that, I could feel his tongue delving into my buttocks and I wanted more.

He came to a halt and I could feel his hard cock against my ass; he continued to push it in until it was completely in and then screwed me tirelessly; it felt so good having his big dick inside my backside and I want it faster; he was pulling my hair and fucking me deep until he came. I had been trying to rub my g spot just before he did during the sex so cum.

It was such a wild anal sex session that just thinking about it sends shivers down my spine, and if you want anal sex, you know where to get the best A-level escorts. Visit Escortsnerby.com.au and book the best Anal sex escorts with whom youd like to have anal.