My Experience as a Bachelorette Party Escort!!!

Posted by: ENB Australia | August 06, 2021

My Experience as a Bachelorette Party Escort!!!

Hello, everyone! I am Aleena a Bachelorette Party Escort. So, Ive been an Escort girl in Perth for quite some time, and escorts specialize in bachelor parties. So far, Ive attended a couple of spectacular bachelor parties. I had a terrific time at the majority of them because everyone is happy and celebrating at those gatherings.

A very sophisticated gentleman just booked me to perform at his friends bachelor party. As is customary, the person on the other end of the line was the best man, and he had already made plans to attend the bachelor party.

As soon as I arrived at the location, I asked all of the guys to have a seat and see some stripping action! I danced about the groom-to-be for almost 20 minutes, making lustful moves, riding him, removing his shirt, tweaking his nipples, and frequently shoving my booty in the faces of the men all around him.

Then I ordered him to lie down on the ground and perform some dominatrix actions on him. I teased him by brushing his skin with my bra that I had removed earlier, and then I had one of the guys bring me ice to run down his back, taking things to the next level. I then took out the paddle I had brought with me and beat him, gave him directions, made him a bad boy, and generally tantalized him.

This went on for about an hour and a half, and I liked it! My favorite part of bachelor parties is getting to play dominatrix. Before I go any further, Id want to point out that Mr. Bachelor Partys pals were desperate for me to tease him.

His pals constantly pleading with me to spank him more, make him do disgusting things, and so on. This is standard procedure, and I choose to ignore them. One of the requests is that I use my pants to gag Mr. Bachelor Party. And I did it because shoving my underwear into his mouth and making him beg to stop was a lot of fun.

I told the boys to relax after the first session since I needed some time to prepare for the following performance. We drank some cocktails and ate sushi. The majority of the males were quite easygoing if you know what I mean!

So I got out the whipped cream and berries after the small tiny break. Im laying on the floor with a bowl of freshly washed strawberries. Mr. Bachelor Party was in charge of dousing me in whipped cream, which he took his time doing, and then everyone got to taste me!

I requested each of the lads to come up to me and, one by one, take a strawberry from the bowl with their tongues. I told them they could eat it with their hands by dipping it into the whipped cream on my dish. I saved the most important character until last. He was able to drown me in more whipped cream and eat the rest of it this way!

After Mr. Bachelor Party had had his fill of me, we were almost done. I showered as some of the guys, including Mr. Bachelor Party himself, enjoyed the view, and then dressed and went home. Overall, it reminded me that bachelor parties can be entertaining, and I enjoy serving as a bachelor party escort. It was an exciting day for me, and I may accept more bookings in the future.

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