My Hot and Saucy Date with a Classy Gentleman!

Rebecca is a gorgeous blonde hottie who is always immaculately groomed. Rebecca lives in Chelsea, a posh and wealthy suburb of Canberra. Our classy and seductive Rebecca meets with high-profile clientele regularly due to her location. Rebecca recently met with an affluent customer who requested a sultry Escort Girls in Canberra for an overnight stay.

He was staying in a hotel downtown. Rebecca was kind enough to share her scintillating erotic night with us.

Rebecca: I was excited because I knew Id be staying in a good hotel with a spa that looked nice, and its always thrilling visiting somewhere new with someone fresh. We met at a pub and ordered cocktails; he told us a lot about himself and was a fascinating individual. I appreciate learning about other peoples lives and hobbies, and I had a great time with him. 

When they went, we sat on the bed, he had his hand sliding up and down my legs till he reached my underpants, caressing my clit and kissing my neck, I got up and knelt on the floor between his legs,

I craved for his penis in my mouth, and he was so hard that I started sucking his cock. He pulled me back up to the bed and began feeding me strawberries, and he wanted to watch me touch myself while he fed me.

We were both soon naked, and he opened the champagne kneeling between my legs, taking a gulp and forcing it down on me, eating my pussy and making me wet. I could feel the bubbles of the champagne between my legs, and it felt amazing, it made it feel more intense.

As he pulled his cock out, put the condom on, and began fucking me, I couldnt stop screaming; it was so sexy knowing he had so much money that I wanted to have sex with him everywhere and prove to him that I was the best Escort Girls in Australia hed ever met. I climbed on top of him and started yanking his hair; he was groaning, and we were both cumming.

We spent hours drinking and going down on each other after we slept there and he ordered more champagne. I enjoyed that we felt like we could do whatever we wanted.  We decided to hit the spa, so The hotel had a private spa, so I changed into my bikini and we went down in our robes. 

We kissed and touched for a long time in the Jacuzzi, then we strolled into the steam room, where he masturbated me by rubbing my clit until I reached my orgasm.

The next morning, we again had sex and breakfast, and then I gave him a blow job before I left, and he returned the favor by going down on me, which he excelled at. I had a terrific time spending the night with him; he has me scheduled for another overnight, and Im looking forward to it.

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