My Steamy and Raunchy Bisexual Encounter

Posted by: ENB Australia | December 01, 2021

My Steamy and Raunchy Bisexual Encounter

ENB adores talking to Erika, the kindest and most sexy BBW Escort Girl. Erika, a Busty Escort, is a Bisexual Escort Babes who enjoys meeting new and returning clients. Erika is a leggy Redhead with stunning looks that will impress you the moment you meet her. Erika recently met a new ENB visitor who expressed her anxiety while making the final booking, so she was eager to assist her in enjoying her time with her and showing her a wonderful time.

We chatted with Sydney Escort Erika after confirming our visit to see how the meeting went: I was glad I had a female customer appointment, I enjoy guys but it can be pleasant to meet with a female customer. She had requested to meet in a hallway where she was staying for a conversation and a drink, to begin with, because she was apprehensive. She was a lovely lady who was kind and pleasant to get along with. We sat back and ordered some margaritas; I could see myself descending on her right away and was eager to learn more about her.

We laughed as we walked up to the hotel suite; I felt at ease because I was with a friend, but there was still a sense of expectation. We hugged and kissed as soon as we locked the door; I suppose it was because wed had a few cocktails and we were both comfortable. As I slipped her top up, I began to remove her undergarments, touching her bosom; her boobs were much larger than mine, and it felt amazing to feel them between mine.

We went into the bedroom and I got in between her thighs so I could give her cunnilingus; she was so sticky that it didnt take long for her to tell me to sit on her mouth so she could try offering me fellatio as well. I guess we both understood what to do to each other and could interpret the signs of what felt nice because were both women. I had purchased a strap on her suggestion and told her to switch over, so I spent some time stroking her butt and making sure she was prepared before putting the strap-on belt and sex toy inside her ass. 

I initiated off gently using jelly and could see she was fondling her cunt, so I bought another vibrator and reached over to get it so she could sit on it at the same moment. She was going insane, like really pounding this sex toy, and as I shoved my dildo in, she screamed and forced back till I thrust deeper, which was wonderful since shed gone from a shy girl to an enthusiastic one, no longer shy.

Im used to seeing my customers move from apprehensive to very boisterous as an Escorts in Sydney, but she seemed to be able to go with the flow. When she arrived, she was also eager to try out the Strapon on me, so we spent the rest of the evening practicing on each other. It was a pleasurable time, and I would gladly accept another booking from her.

Erika, the Bisexual Escort, is a stylish and cheerful BBW Sydney Escort Girl who is personable and skilled at making her customers feel at ease. Erika enjoys providing a variety of services to her customers, including costumes, sexual activities, and kink treatments. Check out our website and look through our photo collection of Upscale Sydney Adult Entertainers to see what you might be missing out on.