Read My Teenage Sexual Adventure!

Posted by: ENB Australia | September 29, 2021

Read My Teenage Sexual Adventure!

All of the Escorts featured on our portal, like everyone else, had their first sexual experience before starting this profession and listing on our site. First sexual encounters can be nerve-wracking and not always result in the finest sex our Girls have ever had, but when we spoke to one of the Escort Girls in Australia listed on ENB, we discovered that some of them had passionate and intimate first encounters. Some Escort girls in Brisbane are extremely horny and have always enjoyed having private encounters. We requested our Escort girls to share their stories, and Georgia, one of our youngest Escort girls, did so.

Georgia: When I was seventeen, I had my first sexual encounter. I had met an older man, perhaps 25 years old at the time, and I believed the age gap was acceptable at the time; however, looking back now, I realize how young I was! Thanks to a buddy, I met him on a night out. He offered to drive us home from the nightclub on his dime.

Before meeting him, I had spent some time masturbating, but I was a novice. Im still shy, but I was shy back then because I hadnt had any close interactions.

Id kissed a classmate, but Id always hoped to meet an adult man who could take me out and show me the rules. I adore the concept of a guy telling me what to do and reaping the benefits of me, therefore being an Escort Girl appeals to me. When he brought us to my mates place, her cousin requested a ride to her boyfriends (his friends) place, and he asked if I wished to go.

I was very drawn to him and eager to see what would happen; I was moist in my knickers, which I hadnt felt in a long time save when masturbating. I eventually accepted and was both excited and terrified about what was about to occur.

I was sitting next to him in the car, and he was caressing my thigh up and down, circling his fingers at the top of my short dress. I wanted to press his fingers into my skin, but my friends sister and boyfriend were in the back, and I didnt want to offend them! They walked upstairs when we got back to her boyfriends place, and I could hear them having sex.

He asked if I wanted to go upstairs, and I replied yes. We went into the other bedroom, and I crawled under the covers, nervous because no male had ever seen me naked before.

I now like flaunting my figure in front of my clients, and Im much more confident as a result. He drew me towards him when he got under the blankets, and I could feel his cock press against my calf. I wanted to feel him and be nude next to him, so he started kissing me and gently stroked my face.

He began to strip me, making sure I was comfy. He felt much worse when I told him it was my first time. I couldnt stop writing about and wanted him more after he gave me oral sex while I was undressed. I felt incredibly tight when he pushed his cock inside me, so he had to spend more time licking and stroking me before it went in. When it happened, he fucked me gradually until he was pounding me pretty hard, then he pushed me over and fucked me even deeper.

I felt myself getting hot, and I believe this was my first time squirting. He arrived, and after a little break, we spent the majority of the night exploring one others bodies and having sex. I couldnt get enough, so we met for sex every few days till I met my partner at the time, but luckily for me, I had a fantastic first experience.

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