Prostate Massage Session with Courtney

Posted by: ENB Australia | September 16, 2021

Prostate Massage Session with Courtney

The prostate gland contains millions of nerve endings, which when gently brushed create incredibly delightful sensations and orgasm — even without penile stimulation. A more sophisticated approach in male genital massage is to stimulate the prostate gland at the same time as the penis. With a finger inserted an inch or two within ones anus, a skilled Escort in Orange can do this type of massage with an assurance of ultimate pleasures that you haven’t experienced before.

The sweeping, personal, and mysterious massage provided by Orange Prostate Massage Escorts is hypnotic, strong, and profoundly satisfying. Your message escorts will take you on a racy roller coaster ride of sheer excitement, energizing and calming you at the same time. Theyll take good care of you and give you the best orgasm possible.

Courtney is one of the most sought-after prostate massage escorts available for some one-on-one time. Courtney a High-class escort in Orange enjoys working with escortsnearby.com.au as it gives her a chance to meet an elite clientele. She provides a variety of escort services in Orange, including prostate massages, which are a sexy method for a man to climax. Prostate massage involves massaging and stimulating the prostate gland using fingers or a sex toy in the anus, giving the guy a more intense orgasm.

It could be something youve never tried before or something youd like to do again. A prostate massage is also beneficial to mens health; hence London Escorts Imperial highly recommends it.

Courtney a stunning and exquisite Escort Girl enjoys giving her clients a prostate massage and showing them parts of their bodies they never knew existed. ""Ive been ready to pursue new sexual experiences ever since I started working in the field."," Ive been willing to learn and do new things, especially to ensure my clients leave me feeling very happy," Courtney stated when asked about her escort experiences giving her customers a prostate massage.

Id heard about sensual massages before, and a few Escort Girls had mentioned it, but Id never performed it to a man. However, because I was anxious to try prostate massage, I included it on my list of services. I was very excited when I got my first prostate massage session a while back. I bought a prostate massager, a male-specific vibrating anal stimulator, and lubricant to make sure he was nice and slippery for easy entry.

We were both nude and resting on the bed when he finally arrived, and I was giving the client blowjob, which I enjoy doing slowly, and giving them the attention they deserve. On the bedside table, there was a sex toy. Because I adore commanding guys and its second nature to me, I forced him to roll over and kneel on all hands and knees. I touched his bottom and soothed it before lightly flogging it. I slowed down and grabbed the lotion as the spanking became more intense.

From him, I was hoping for great, smooth buttocks. I performed this by slowly inserting my fingertips into his buttocks, wishing to feel his cock in my mouth once more but knew he was more interested in anal treatment. I snatched up the vibrator and carefully entered it, checking to see if he was happy. While sitting by his side and holding his firm dick, I stroked it in and out slowly, then pushed it in farther and activated the vibrator. Because I was stroking his manhood up and down, I could see he was extremely aroused.

It wont be difficult for him to climax from the vibrator and then from my swallowing his hard cock; knowing that I can completely satisfy a man is such a turn-on for me, and I was ecstatic that my first prostate session had gone so well. I was excited to see you again!

This is Courtneys story; it was clear how much she enjoyed giving a client a prostate massage the first time she did it, and shes done a lot of them since then, becoming better and better. If youre interested, Courtney would love to hear from you, and youll leave feeling extremely delighted.

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You can choose between an in-call or out-call experience, depending on your preferences and convenience. Simply inform your massage escorts if you require any additional services, and they will ensure that you receive the care and attention that you deserve. Massages for the prostate are performed by all masseuses who have received extensive training.