Self Love While Being a Call Girl

Maintaining a healthy self-esteem is a necessity for anyone but it can even be more challenging when you work in an industry the society generally disapproves off. The job of an escort can be as innocent as just going out for dinner date but often times you are going to have to get down and dirty on your clients and this can take a toll on your self-image.

Letting others rule your life

Society has a lot to say about life as an escort and how a woman should express her sexuality. From telling you that being a call girl is for bad girls, lazy women to calling you worthless and unlovable. A lot of these harsh stereotypes can hit hard but you have to remember that no one lives your life except you. Your self-esteem is directly related to your conditioned views of prostitution and female sexuality and it might me difficult but you have to unlearn a lot of that misinformation to protect your sanity.

Taking charge

Focusing on your growth is important to controlling your life. This might include surrounding yourself with supportive people, reading books and generally leading a balanced, healthy life. Your mental health goes hand-in-hand with your physical well-being, this means you should try to maintain a good diet and get as much exercise as you need. Consider the services you are providing even if no one will hand you a medal, you are filling a hole in society. Clients need you, that’s why they are willing to pay.

Life is an adventure

Self-love is doing you at its finest and having the bravery to bet on yourself. Working as an escort gives you the opportunity to allow different facets of your personality come to light as you meet an assortment of characters. From each person, you have the chance to learn about what people have in common and what sets them apart and this adds to your wholeness as an individual. Apart from the people aspect, there’s also the privilege of exploring new locations that many others don’t get the chance to and you shouldn’t take this for granted. There’s no perfect job and you need to remember to peek at the Brightside.

Treat yourself

A huge part of why a lot of people join the profession is that it brings in money and spoiling yourself with your earnings is necessary for feeling good about yourself. Switch up your hairstyle, get a manicure, take a massage day. Anything that makes you feel and look good will not just boost your self-image but also increase your productivity and make you a better companion to your clients.

When it comes to self-love, there’s nothing like too much. Of course I’m not referring to the being conceited or narcissistic. Practicing loving yourself might not be easy but try thinking of it as you would do a soulmate. Be generous and forgiving to yourself and learn to accept your flaws because if you can’t love yourself, how can you expect anyone else to?

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