Satisfy My Sexual Fantasy Desires by Banging the Girl of My Dreams

Posted by: ENB Australia | November 30, 2021

Satisfy My Sexual Fantasy Desires by Banging the Girl of My Dreams

I had planned a naughty excursion to sexual nirvana with a fetish escort, but it wasnt meant to be because the Covid epidemic occurred at the time, and everything was put on hold. But as soon as the pandemic eases, Im booking sassy escort divas through ENB. I had a thing for Asian ladies and was incredibly drawn to them. I have a lot of quirks, but I wanted to use them to fulfill my fetish goals. I came across the portal while reading and instantly clicked on it, where I found a modest collection of incredibly attractive escort women. I found a babe who piqued my interest, so I tapped on her photo to initiate a private conversation. I thought shed be a fantastic alternative for satisfying my fetish needs.

We met at the agreed-upon time and in a hotel room. When I arrived, she was seated in her living room, her face brightened and she beamed. She was breathtakingly lovely. Her figure was thin and she spoke with a little accent. We had a normal conversation before enjoying some beers. We agreed to begin the action, and I asked her to get comfy, which she did, and then she asked if I wanted to see her naked. She was shy, but she asked, making me feel kinkier than I already was. However, I was interested in seeing her naked, so I requested her to show me her nipples. She laughed and took off her tank top, showing a lace bra underneath.

She did have great cleavage and a good-sized bosom. "I pressed my nose to the cleavage. Natasha, you are stunning "I inform her. "Yes! Please, do it to me "She answered. This side of her, the mischievous one, appealed to me as well. Then she took off her bra, revealing her little pink boobies, which I longed to suck. I was sucking her large Bobbies and she was having a good time, so I took out my cock and started rubbing it. When I requested her to show me her pussy, she pulled and squeezed while massaging her nipples. She stretched her legs wide and revealed a delectable cunt. I began devouring her like a beast. From sucking her pussy to inserting my tongue into her butthole, I progressed. I enjoyed watching her finger herself till she arrived.

That had been such an erotic event. But now I was hungry for more. To satisfy my fetish needs, I wanted to bang her to the fullest. Then she went to change so she could show me her sexy lingerie, and when she came out, I hugged her and kissed her shoulder from behind. I started by undoing her gown hooks one by one, exposing her stomach and breasts. As I rubbed my erection into her veiled ass, I put my hand under her bra cup and squeezed her titties. I couldnt stop myself from teasing her bosom.  I pulled her onto the bed and went to lie down on top of her. As she groaned when I sucked and bit on her titties, I took my time savoring them. As the small nipples got pointed, I pulled on them. I then kiss her pink lips and sucked on her tongue with my tongue pushed within. I ripped her pants off and offered to get her new ones. I felt the dampness as I split her gaps with my fingertips.

I kept sucking on her nips while playing with her g spot, and she seemed to enjoy it. "I want to feel your big dick," she said, and I stripped down to my underwear. I also let go of my shaft so that when I chewed on her tits, my manhood could get a taste of her pussy. As soon as my penis came into contact with her cunt, I became stiff. I brushed up against her and threatened to swallow her boobies’ juice. She went down, spreading her legs for me.

As she twisted and moaned, I sucked and kissed her clit, toying with it. "Give me your nectar, darling," I say as I sucked on her clit while rubbing her pussy. Then the going gets tough, and I realize shes drenched. Then I stoop that low and chew her clit while massaging. When she ejaculates and squirts a milky substance on me, this is what happens. Im relieved that I can now fulfill each of my fetishes wants individually.

I put myself in a condom and take the plunge. To penetrate her, I pierce her cunt and grab her titties. I keep giving her my shaft as she yells and groans. As I screw her pussy, my balls hit her in the face. Shes groaning at my bursts while I talk foul to her. I split her lips again while thrusting and toying with her clit. Then I squeeze her there in a flurry of anticipation. She lets out a loud noise and gets excited once again. Each stroke of her pussy gripping my penis is a delight. I penetrate her more quickly and then fall on her as I started ejaculating.

My penis doesnt want to leave her vagina since she is so receptive and attractive. As a result, I spent the entire night pounding her. The next day, I make plans for her to accompany me. It was such a wonderfully intimate journey for me; if youre looking to have the time of your life with the sassiest babes, you should also visit ENB and take advantage of the best opportunity to experience the pinnacle of intimacy.