Special Tips to Tease a Melbourne Escort for Enjoying More Fun

Posted by: ENB Australia | June 24, 2022

Special Tips to Tease a Melbourne Escort for Enjoying More Fun

Teasing in the right manner will bring your female mate to frenzy! One just needs to try the best foreplay tips mentioned here that will surely make your mate orgasm. You don't have to always start by eating her pussy- you need to let her want you more. Are you ready to make her stay more obsessed with your love and you? Here are the special tips:

Special Tips to Tease a Melbourne Escort for Enjoying More Fun

  • ALWAYS START WITH A SLOW PACE: Kiss your female escort from forehead to her pussy. Keep kissing her breast- suck her nipples. As you keep going down, show more love to her waist and don't stop kissing her body. The time you get to her panties, try to be a little careful- well, it is a very sensitive place; so, try to turn her on by loving her erogenous zones and she will be completely in control. She will not only love the tease but always be surprised with your best sexual tricks and love.
  • SHOW CREATIVITY WITH HER PANTIES: No! Panties are not only meant to be removed. Slowly, you can remove it half and then can love her pussy. You can kiss her vagina and try to slowly remove it. You can also rub her vagina from the bottom and make sure to stimulate her. Teasing is only about making her horny- at first, you don't have to satisfy her- try to make her want you more.
  • SHOW LOVE TO HER LOWER BODY PARTS: After kissing on her panties, you can come down to her lower body parts. You can rub your hands on her inner tight- go down and try to kiss and lick her feet. You can also give a good massage if you want- and then make her feel more love towards you. You can give love bites- but make sure not to hurt her. You can also spend more time on her vagina- rub it with your fingertips, show some love but make sure to keep all the things at a slow place for building strong anticipation.


Finally, the time came when you can go for sexual activities but don't forget to use a condom. You can also try different sexual positions to spice up your life and thus, you both can be great on the bed. Ready? Enjoy a good time with a high-class Melbourne Escort at your deciding place!