What is Anal Play, Anal Penetration and Best Ways to Explore it

Anal play is an exciting sexual pleasure loved by many and if you also want to do some butt stuff, that’s great! Anal is an epicenter of pleasure that is often left neglected; this is understandable as the anus can be intimidating for some because of obvious reasons. If you want to touch the butt or have yours touched, you kind of need to get over it! Unlike the normal way of achieving orgasm through normal penetration, Anal Play can offer a more intimate experience for both the male and female due to the abundance of nerve endings in the anal area.

There are two types of anal penetration practices anal play on me and Anal play on you and it is up to you from which side of the game you want to play.

Anal Receiving

Anal Play on me involves a male partner enjoying penis insertion in a female partner, it is obvious that the nerve endings in the clitoris are less than that of the anus, which sometimes keeps partners from reaching orgasms. For males, penis insertion in the butt is more desirable because the passage is tighter, which can create a more sensational feeling throughout the activity; this also instinctively gives men the feeling of dominance during sex. Surprisingly, unlike the discouragement of this idea, this can be the best experience for those who want a little tweak from the normal ride.

Anal Giving

Anal Play on you, practice mostly applies to heterosexual men who like to get butt fucked sometimes to increase fun and intimacy in their sexual life and it is for people if you are not a person that only gives? You like a little something too? If you want a Strap on to heighten your fun, excitement, and ultimately pleasure! Do not be shy with what you want the more you ask for the more the girls will be willing to give you just that, and if you’re game, the most important thing to remember is to start slowly.

Do remember some tricks before entering the arena

Anal Play Tips & Tricks

Discuss: Discuss in advance while for preparations and the right equipment.

Relax and take your time: Relax yourself and your partner because hurried into anal sex will hurt, a lot. So take your time and enjoy the whole process.

Lubricate Properly: The rectum doesnt produce lubricants like the vagina use water or silicone-based lubricant for the safe and best experience.

Don’t Rush: Dont push yourself to enjoy it slowly and organically, sensuality is experienced best when it is experienced in a relaxed and comfortable way.

Safety: Always acquire proper hygiene for safety and hygiene.

Regardless of how you like it, kink related to anal penetration and it’s always related to surrendering yourself. It is an incredibly difficult thing for someone to give this up, and it requires a lot of trusts that requires achieving this level of sexual desire.

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