What is Ass-to-mouth (ATM) and how to Experience in Melbourne?

Ass- to –mouth is a kinky form of sexual activity in which anal sex was performed followed by oral sex given by anal sex receiver by the dominant partner, its typically a man does not clean his penis while performing anal sex and his cock ends up in the receiver’s mouth afterward too. This sex seems a bit on the dirty and dark side but still, it increases a sexual pleasure that a lot of people want to perform and because of the taboo nature of this sexual act makes it more interesting and pretty difficult to perform with your partners. Imagine your partner lying and her feet over your shoulders and while doing anal sex you pull out your cock and put it in her mouth directly from the butthole and give her a taste of her butthole.

How you can experience it in Melbourne

Anal sex has been an area of curiosity and a big turn on for many men these days and Ass to mouth is just an extension of a hot and sassy sexual act. We all know we can’t always convince our partners to participate in our fantasizes and fetishes, sometimes it is disheartening for the lover of kink but not now because if you are looking for some Ass-to-Mouth fun with sexy escorts then escortsnearby.com.au can help you connect with the best and skilled Ass-to-Mouth escorts who love to indulge in this dirty deed. These escorts are at the peak of their sexuality, they love everything about kinky sex acts as they have a wild side and they love the throbbing feeling of a man releasing his load deep in their round and bubble ass and give them the taste of their cum and the butthole at the same time.

Why is so intriguing for both man and woman

In earlier days ass-to-mouth sexual act is considered as humiliating for the women participants and addressed as deviant for men who enjoy the practice, but these days lot of women are also accepting that they love this because it involves a lot of intensity and erotica in it. Ass-to-mouth cannot be considered as a one-sided sexual urge it has something for both genders.


  • Doing something crazy and dirty is always exciting.
  • It is a practice that is considered as submission and women who ove submission love this act.
  • Some women love to go a bit ahead with sexual desires and tasting their ass juice is certainly a lot of steps ahead.
  • It is a common misconception that women don’t like to be pounded from the back, but in reality lot of women love to pound from the back and taste the dripping cum directly from it.

Why man loves it:

  • Men who love Anal sex and giving oral sex are always up for it
  • We all know men love to dominate and this sexual act involves lot dominance that can be liberating for many people.
  • The sensation of doing it while from her ass to her mouth is certainly a spectacle for man.
  • Men love doing dirty and nasty things.

Why hire ATM escorts from this service

Ass-to-mouth is referred to as ATM, A2M generally carries the risk of sexually transmitted diseases like gastrointestinal tract problems or gonorrhea and that is why you should hire professional and trained escorts who are medically tested for sexually transmitted diseases and they take care of their anal hygiene. So if you want to experience this sensation then hire escorts in Melbourne from ENB and All escorts offer outcall services to travel inside and outside the country, they provide a professional and discrete service in all major cities across Australia.

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