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ATM, also known as ATM Ass-to-Mouth, is the act of first sticking one's penis into their partner anally, then immediately taking that same penis and sticking it into their partner orally. For obvious reasons the thought of doing anal is difficult enough for some but to take it a step further and stick it in your mouth? Certain acts of love are to never be performed between the sheets. No matter how caught up in the moment you get, there’s always been one rule to always follow, never go ass-to-mouth, but if you are looking for some Ass-to-Mouth fun with and hot and sassy escorts then Adult Services can help you connect with the best and skilled Ass-to-Mouth escorts.

Ass-to-Mouth is a slang term that describes the sexual practice of anal sex, followed directly by oral sex performed on the dominant partner. It gets its name because the penis of the dominant partner goes directly from the submissive partner's ass to their mouth Ass-to-mouth was once a taboo sexual practice but is now seen more frequently in Adult Services demands.
Typically, in this act the man does not clean his penis before moving from his Ass-to-Mouth Escort’s ass to their mouth, this increases the sexual pleasure, as the dominant male and his partner enjoy knowing that the submissive is ingesting some fecal matter. The taboo nature of this sexual practice also makes it exciting for couples that enjoy it.

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Anal play is a big turn on for many men. First, the experience of fucking a woman in the ass is altogether different, and second, not many women can withstand a hard dick entering their ass. If you are a man looking for a hot escort that can be a part of your wild anal play games then these Ass-to-Mouth Escorts would love to visit you. These escorts are trained professionals who enjoy a good ass fuck and are always up for a kinky session of cum swallow. A common variant on ass-to-mouth is known as ass-to-other-mouth (ATOM) or ass-to-other-girl’s-mouth (ATOGM). In this group sex practice, the dominant male partner in anal sex removes his penis from one partner’s anus and inserts it into the mouth of a different partner.

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Search Ass-to-Mouth Escorts near me for an erotic experience where you pounds a hot escorts ass and pussy then sits on her chest or kneels beside her and stuffs your cock in your Ass-to-mouth escort. There is nothing as hot as pulling out of the ass or the pussy at the last moment and unloading the cum in the woman’s mouth. ATM or Ass to Mouth is an art that not many women have mastered and therefore finding a girl who can do it with confidence is hard to find. Thankfully, since you can find your desired Adult Services from, you do not need to look elsewhere to find escorts that can do a perfect ATM Ass-to-Mouth trick with you. Swallow or spit? Why don’t you discuss this with your escort directly? All the escorts are medically tested and duly verified and committed to cater to your privacy and security.

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