Albany Escort-Jayde-ENB6308

Hi handsome,

Thanks for taking a few moments out of your busy day to visit my profile. Its most definitely the wisest decision you have made in a while and certainly one you wont regret. I give you my personal guarantee.

It is sometimes difficult to look objectively at yourself especially when it comes to self-promoting, hence my decision to use a message sent to me.

I couldnt describe what I do and how I deliver it any better than this.

"One feeling keeps reoccurring in my mind- while others write it or say it, you deliver it, full stop. Shear delivered sexual wantonness. Look at your favorite Porn clip, and you deliver that, and more!!! I cant wait for tomorrow night.

If this has piqued your interest even more, which I suspect it might have, call or text me and set up a cheeky playdate that will leave you lost for words, (except perhaps some expletives lol) and wondering where you have just been

Your pleasure is my contentment.



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Got it!
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