Male Erogenous Zones You May Not Know About

Posted by: ENB Australia | May 13, 2022

Male Erogenous Zones You May Not Know About

Dear ladies! Does your lover say he no more feels sensation with you? There’s no more exciting climax and intense love-making. If you wish to turn him on, just scroll down to find best male spots to arouse instant seduction. Female escorts touch and play with secret male erogenous zones for huge climax. Once you know how to make him experience double orgasm, he will never fail to compliment you about your beauty and killer romance instinct.

Male Erogenous Zones You May Not Know About

Sensual Male Spots For Better Seduction

Never miss the chance to express your feminine desire to him. Tell about your fetish fantasies and request him to obediently follow the instructions. Just tie his hands and show him what all you got to surprise in love.

  • Genitals:Slow and gentle massage over the genital zone arouses tickle all over the body. Use finger tips to rub testis in circular or straight motion. Add oil for better lubrication and seduce hard to him explode.
  • Neck:Kisses on neck increase lust feelings instantly. Seduce and tease step by step, try tongue kissing all over neck and chest. As the motion between lips and skin develops friction, you will see him going crazy on bed.
  • Ear:Say magical words of love and flirting quotes in his ears. Seduce him with continued kissing, moaning, and heavy breath. After few minutes of foreplay, he will start saying your name.
  • Finger Movement:Flow the magic of your sensual touch into his skin. Make straight or circular motion over his back, chest, hips, and thighs. Just follow sensual moves until he shivers in surprise.
  • Blowjob:Hold the partner firm and gently perform blowjob act. By continuous licking and sucking you make him orgasm twice. There’s something sensual about BJ’s and that’s the reason why ladyboy escorts pop out best romance in private.

Apart from touching and playing with male erogenous spot, you must choose erotic dress and roleplay to excite the partner. Try new things in love to bring back lost romance. Men love passionate intercourse, so decide to dress sassy and attract him with your seductive acts.