Toe Sucking and why you should to Get in on it

Toe-sucking, foot jobs and other types of foot fetish play are more common than many people think. Even if you are not with a client that has an overt foot fetish, you could still suggest the activity as a way of bringing to the table a dish not often served. This article will deal with what exactly it is, why you should try it and a few techniques to apply.

What exactly it is and why you should try it

Toe-sucking is also known as shrimping can be highly arousing and pleasurable for both the giver and the receiver. Extremities are well innervated parts of the body, so just like a penis, clitoris or finger, toes are packed with nerve-endings. Toes are even more spectacular because they add a dash of taboo into the mix. When you suck toes, you are saying that you don’t mind worshiping and engaging a part of the body so often regarded as offensive and that is stimulating to your partner.

Not everyone is keen on trying this but you should consider it as a way to leave an impression on a client. Don’t get offended or embarrassed if your offer is turned down.


You should usually ask before you start before you end up in an awkward situation. If you don’t start the conversation, you may never know what you are depriving your client of. All you need to do is apply tact and subtlety to initiating the topic. Though there aren’t really any major health risks but you should wipe down the feet to be sucked (yours or his) before you begin. I’m going to describe the process with your client as the receiver.

Get in position

The first time you try it (or have it done to you) might be awkward. You should kneel while the client sits on a chair or edge of a bed. If the receiver is not high enough, he can lay on the bed and you take it from there.

Mix moves

Toe sucking doesn’t mean just shoving a toe in your mouth. It follows the same system as giving a blow-job. To gauge your client’s response, start with a light lick, kiss or delicate touch on their foot. Go further if they respond positively adding tongue, pressure and suctioning harder. You can lick one toe at a time, moving your tongue vertically or horizontally. Try gliding your tongue between toes, those crevices are very pleasurable.

Use your hands

To give peak pleasure, mix up sensations of wetness, warmth and suction with touch. Rub the heel with your thumb circling and need upwards to the ball of his foot. Massaging gives you something to do as you catch your breath and you can even use saliva as lubrication.

Throughout the experience be attentive to your client’s body language. Periodically look up as you work, which is not only sexy but can help you read his facial expression. With practice, you will develop this wonderful sensual skill.

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