Why your Girl not Getting Orgasms

Some things in life are saddening but it doesn’t change the fact that they are. Climaxing for many women is often not easy. As an escort, you have to get as much as possible from you sexual experiences and understand what blocks your flow will play a great deal in unlocking the door to wonderland.

If you display pleasure during sexual activity with a client, it will feel more realistic and keep your client wanting more. Your client will probably not have a hard time achieving orgasm but it will be a bonus for him to experience you hitting your peak. This confirms his masculinity and sexual attractiveness.
If you aren’t getting orgasms, this could be the issue –

You have anxiety

Anxiety may cause intrusive thoughts that may make it difficult to orgasm. A lot of women who struggle to orgasm have anxiety as a contributory factor. Forms of anxiety include negative body image and anxiety can manifest as stress. If you think it might be contributing to your lack of orgasms, talk to a therapist.

Tense your muscles

The consensus is to ‘just relax’ but professional believe that you should clench your leg muscles, abdominal and buttock tension. Contracting your lower pelvic muscles as is done in kegle exercises is great.


Lubricants make women’s and men’s genitals more sensitive to pleasure. The reduction in friction dampens the abrasiveness of the strokes.

You don’t play with toys or yourself

These are wonderful tools for amplifying pleasure. Some women need the intense stimulation only vibrators can provide. Start with something small and work your way up from there. This is interesting action to bring to your client’s table. How often you satisfy yourself can directly affect your chances of achieving orgasm. Your ability to fantasize and use your imagination as you masturbate will help you unleash your creativity and become a more interesting bed partner. It also helps you learn where exactly and in what way you want to be explored.

You don’t say what you want

It actually gives a good number of men pleasure when you are vocal in bed. Your partner is not a mind reader. Staying mum about what really rocks your boat is not going to help you enjoy yourself. Even if your partner has experience with women, he might not be able to tell what works for you. It is your responsibility to guide him. You don’t even have to use words all the time, an approving groan can pass the message. Confidence can be really attractive.

Fear of losing control.

We are taught to be in control of all aspects of our lives but you need to learn to do the opposite in bed. Refusing to let go could be the reason you are not getting the most out of sex. Remind yourself to stay in the moment and as sensations rise, keep breathing and let your body go with it.
If you feel like you still need help, try a sex therapist. Cheers!

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